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Bright, maple syrup, floral, peach.

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Bright, maple syrup, floral, peach.

I was able to secure a bag of this two years ago and it was excellent. Very happy to have gotten some again.

This is a chiroso varietal.  Chirosos are uncommon because they grow at very high altitudes – 2000 meters (6,600 feet) or more and are difficult to farm.  As a result of the high altitude, they are very slow growing and tend to be packed with highly concentrated, intense vibrant flavors. This bean comes from farmer Franklin Moreno’s  El Agucate farm in the town of Urrao, in the Antioquia department of Colombia.

A true multigenerational farm, Finca El Aguacate is home to Franklin Moreno, his father, wife, daughters, granddaughter, and dog, Mono, who Franklin claims has been there longer than him. Together they have 5,200 coffee trees of various ages. Franklin’s father focuses on the 1,200 Caturra trees and Franklin manages the 4,000 of the Chiroso varietal. He also has plans to plant more as it is critical to keep production consistent and some of the older trees will need pruning soon.

The family supports themselves entirely off of their coffee production. Franklin hopes that his decision to focus on quality instead of quantity will pay off with a better price for his beans. He firmly believes that coffee should be de-pulped the same day it is picked and also changes the water in his fermentation tanks daily. When it comes to drying, however, he considers the process to be more of an art than a science. The weather plays an important role and you must adjust your technique accordingly.

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