Colombia La Arboleda Chiroso Microlot


Sweet, honey, lemongrass, green tea

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Sweet, honey, lemongrass, green tea

One of my favorite Colombian Varietals Grown at extremely high altitudes, Chirosos tend to have intense, highly concentrated flavor

This washed coffee was grown by Alberto Montoya in the Urrao region of Antioqia at an elevation of over 6,700 feet.  Only 6 bags were imported.

Alberto and has many memories of working on coffee plantations. He eventually saved up enough money to purchase La Arboleda and began growing his own coffee. This proved to be a good investment as it is still home to Alberto and his wife of thirty-two years, Maria. Aside from coffee, Alberto is also the president of the Junta de Accion Comunal in the region.

As a leader, he is always trying to improve the livelihood of the community through development and projects such as roads and bridges. He wants all the families in his community to have access to opportunities and believes direct trade (near and far) can help everyone succeed.

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