Peru Segundo Abad Jimenez Micro Lot


Orange, dark chocolate and bergamot. Smooth body, nice complexity.

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Notes of orange, dark chocolate and bergamot.  Medium body and smooth. Moderately complex after 12 hours, but this bean gained a lot of complexity and intensity after 3 days of rest.

Peru is a country which has great potential but for particular reasons it is extremely hard to find 87+ coffee. The potential is there: the country is the 8th largest producer of coffee in the world, has plenty of farms at and above 1600 and 1800 meters, and has predominantly Typica and Bourbon varieties. But this is not often the case, high-end coffee out of Peru is very scarce due to the challenges they face. Most farmers own a couple of hectares only and are in remote areas. Many times their farms are 4 hours by foot from the nearest town and the town could be 8 hours by truck from the nearest port. This means coffee can sit at the farm unnecessarily for extended periods of time after it is dried. During the drying season climate conditions tend to be very humid with precipitation. Without proper storage, such as GrainPro, coffee will gain moisture and destabilize cup-quality.

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