Costa Rica La Pradera Rancho Grande Black Honey Geisha


Sweet, smooth, red fruit, melon, cane sugar. 90+

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This is a very difficult to get, very well processed black honey geisha.   If you want to read more about honey processing, this is a great resource.  The short story is that the black honey process removes the skin from the coffee cherry but leaves as much of the underlying fruit as possible. When done right, the result is a very sweet,  very smooth coffee with very low perceived acidity and this coffee has all that in spades.  The acidity is there, you just don’t notice it for all of the red fruit, melon and sugary notes. It’s very balanced and it’s very fun the way the flavors morph as it cools. Vacuum sealed at the farm, so this will stay incredibly fresh for a long time.

Hacienda La Pradera is a 181 hectare coffee farm in the heart of the Tarrazú region at 1,550 meters above sea level. The bulk of our harvest is from the caturra variety which is well suited to the soil and climate of the area. The cup is bright and sweet with medium heavy body, and contains flavor notes of citrus, maple, caramel, and bittersweet cocoa.

Since 2012 we have also been planting and nurturing multiple other coffee varieties at La Pradera. We are studying the health and yields of each variety to determine the best commercialization of the area. We harvest, depulp, and process each variety separately, and cup each lot individually to determine ultimate quality and inform our direction for the future. We also experiment with processing by variety, to taste the impact of each different method and level of mucilage removal and observe which processes perform better for each variety.

Experimental varieties include: Hybrido de Tico, Paca, Pacamara, Castillo, Bourbon, Bourbon Tekisic, and Geisha.

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