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Intense and vibrant. Citrus, lemon, honey.

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Vibrant, citrus, lemongrass, honey.  Very intense. Good acidity, smooth medium body, nice complexity.  88.5 cup.

This is a chiroso varietal.  Chirosos are uncommon because they grow at very high altitudes – 2000 meters (6,600 feet) or more and are difficult to farm.  As a result of the high altitude, they are very slow growing and tend to be packed with highly concentrated, intense vibrant flavors. This bean comes from farmer Ivan Montoya from the town of Urrao, in the Antioquia department of Colombia.

A native of Urrao, Antioquia, Ivan began his coffee endeavors after inheriting a piece of land from his grandparents called La Soledad. Over the last 14 years, Ivan has developed about 3,000 Chiroso trees and credits the elevation of the farm, over 2,000 meters above sea level, as the secret ingredient to the high quality coffee he produces. In addition, the fertile soil allows for diversification as he also produces avocados and naranjilla.

Ivan is certainly proud of the coffee he produces, but he is even more humbled that it allows him to provide for his aging grandparents.



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