Colombia Brisas del Mayo Pink Bourbon


Velvety, berries, floral, maple syrup

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Velvety, berries, floral, maple syrup.

From producer Froilan Muñoz, there were only 4 bags produced of this pink bourbon microlot.

Froilan learned about growing coffee from his father, but initially did not think it was a viable crop at Brisas del Mayo due to the high elevation. At 2,100 meters above sea level, the climate was generally considered too cold for coffee. Eventually, he decided to take a gamble and plant some trees.

While he will admit that there are extra challenges, Florian has successfully established his coffee crop at Brisas del Mayo. The property is now producing coffees of the Pink Bourbon, Gesha, and Castillo varietals. One benefit to the cooler weather is that pests and diseases that typically infest coffee plants also prefer the warmer, more humid climates. Due to the elevation, Frolian is able to grow more delicate varietals known for their cup quality with less risk of disease. The cooler weather also provides for a slower maturation of the beans, which gives the flavors more time to develop.

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