Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada Organic Washed Geisha


Rich well balanced exotic flavor with berry, pear, green apples and stone fruit notes. 90+ score.

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This is an excellent delivery. Rich well balanced exotic flavor, smooth medium body, clean sweet floral aftertaste with sweet vibrant winey acidity, berry, pear, green apples, brown sugar/molasses, stone fruit and dark chocolate notes.


Nueva Granada is located in the department of San Marcos in northwestern Guatemala, on the Pacific Ocean along the western Guatemala-Mexico border. The climate is very variable within the department due to the dramatic differences in altitude. The Geisha variety of Arabica originated in Ethiopia and only recently has been produced in Guatemala on a very limited basis for the specialty coffee market. This variety only produces about a fifth of what normal, modern variety coffee trees produces. Recent prices paid for this variety make up for the additional costs so there are several farms producing this variety again in small volumes. The Geisha coffee plant is easily recognizable as it has sparse branches that point upward. The
majority of the farms Geisha production is processed using the traditional washed fermentation method, giving the cup a distinctive floral, bergamot taste characteristic. Currently the majority of Nueva Granada’s Geisha coffee is sold to Japan.

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