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Sweet, cranberry, raspberry, toffee

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Sweet, cranberry, raspberry, toffee. Medium-light body, smooth finish.

Without a quality harvest at the hand of a trained picker, it is almost impossible to guarantee a cup of coffee of the highest quality. That is why Azahar Coffee  created the Proyecto Recolectores—the Pickers Project.

A group of 30 pickers was gathered from the vereda (township) of Tasnaque, who committed to expand their knowledge and skill of this craft. Located within the fertile hills of the municipality of Yacuanquer, this area seemed ideal for the project because of its characteristic natural qualities such as the availability of spring water, the right temperatures and an appropriate amount of sunlight. Azahar has sourced great quantities of coffee from here, meaning that they are well-aware of the great effort that goes into the crops of this region. Further-more, they have found a neighborhood within the community known as El Naranjo, where almost everyone is related, both directly and indirectly, making it a fitting location for the Pickers Project to take off. 

This lot rounds out the fifth year of the Pickers Project. This time around, 14 producers—many of them from the same families—from four neighboring veredas were involved, several pioneering partner producers such as Macario Paz, Carlos Efrain Cortes and Jesús Alirio de la Cruz, among them. Azahar has had the tremendous fortune to have worked with most of these partner producers many times before and we thank them for their continued hard work and dedication to a more just system of ethical farm work for all involved.

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