Colombia Jose Hernan Quintero Honey Geisha Microlot


Coffee pulp, concord grape, syrupy, complex, medium body

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(Yes, that’s the guy who grew your coffee!)

From a previous Cup of Excellence finalist, this coffee starts with an incredible aroma — sweet (as you would expect from a honey process) and floral (as you would expect from a geisha.)  It has a medium to full silky body with excellent mouthfeel, very pleasant acidity and an overall excellent balance.


José Hernán Quintero has been involved with coffee for as long as he can remember. His parents were coffee producers and having his own land to produce coffee and continue his parents legacy had always been a dream. However, the reality of the socio-political situation in Colombia put to test this dream. Rioblanco, where José is from, is now infamously known throughout Colombia due its violence past, where thousands of people had to abandon their land in search of safety. Understandably this proved to be a massive challenge for Jose Hernán’s passion for coffee but luckily it prevailed just long enough to see the end of this violence.

In the year 2006, Jose Hernán received an invitation from the coffee growers committee to participate in the Cup of Excellence that was taking place in Bucaramanga. He decided to participate in the prestigious contest, achieving the 17th place. In 2009 he decided to participate again, and he reached 6th place. This motivated him to pay closer attention to his coffee and to focus solely on producing specialty coffee.

Over the years, Jose Hernán has learned that he must always continue striving to improve his quality and offer a better product year after year. Jose Hernán works on Finca la Pradera together with his wife Nubia Marín and their son. Nubia is in charge accounting and keeping a record of traceability for every single lot and their son is in charge of receiving the coffee after picking and carrying out the post-harvest processes. He is in charge of training and giving instructions to the workers and pickers. For Jose Hernán, what makes his farm special is how the family works together as a team.


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