El Salvador Finca Santa Emilia Estate Honey Geisha


Sweet, juicy, floral, peach, jasmine, light body.

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A very nice honey geisha from Hans Homberger of Finca Santa Emilia.  It’s everything you’d expect from a honey geisha – a light, almost tea-like body, delicate floral notes. The honey processing adds sweetness and a juicy acidity in the stone fruit range (i.e. peach or apricot)

Much of the coffee production in El Salvador is tied to the mountainous slopes of its various volcanoes. La Minita has a strong purchasing history in two regions in particular: Cerro Tigre—specifically near the town of Santiago de Maria is home to Santa Emilia Estate, owned by Hans Homberger—as well as the area triangulated between Santa Ana, Chalchuapa, and Ahuachapan.

Historically larger scale producers growing coffee on mid-level elevations helped solidify El Salvador’s reputation as a decent contributor to the world of average, high-grown quality coffees. Recent years have seen the emergence of multiple smaller producers and producer groups who farm at higher elevations and expend significant energy towards producing better quality coffees. These producers are striving diligently to change the impression of El Salvador and the role the country plays among the world’s best coffee growing areas.

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