Colombia Casablanca Gesha Washed


Broker notes: Floral, Rose Hips, Tea-like Body

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This is an excellent washed geisha from Liliana Caballero Rojas of Hacienda Casablanca.  Roasted light it’s a very delicate, floral coffee. It’s got a light body – almost tea – like. It’s nicely balanced and moderately complex with a smooth mouthfeel and a medium-long finish.


In 2006, Liliana Caballero Rojas and her family acquired Hacienda Casablanca.  Liliana’s vision is to add value to her coffee fields through planning, renovating older parcels, planting new varieties like Gesha, and improving processing and drying techniques.

Once the ripe cherries are harvested, they are taken to the mill, where they are selected to remove any twigs, leaves, or immature cherries. Cherries go through the floating process to sort by density and then are taken to the first fermentation step. They are then depulped, with a bit of mucilage remaining to undergo the second fermentation process. The time for fermentation will depend on the cup profile being sought. Coffee is then taken to the canals for washing and where the beans are further selected. After this, the coffee is taken to the drying beds where it is dried at a controlled temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

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